domingo, 24 de noviembre de 2013

My idea of beauty

The concept of beauty is abstract. There are a lot of different visions of the same concept. Each person has a unique way to see the beauty and it depends on their sensitivity and their senses. Some people can find the beauty just by looking at a landscape, others by listening the notes of a melody or tasting a meal. 

There is no way to describe beauty because is something you have to feel. For me beauty in not just one thing, for me is everywhere, in the nature, in one song, even in a baby. Too see it or feel it you have to pay attention of the little details. For example I feel the beauty when I hear a song, how one note follows another and how it creates a melody with an specific rhythm. For this reason sometimes when someone sings a song and does it changing the letter or the rhythm, can destroy the song or sometimes make it even better. The letter of the song is very important too, it sends a message and has to concord with the melody. For me it can be described like an art, something that only talented people can make you feel. 
Monasterio de Piedra

This is a song a heard last Friday, I find it very beautiful:

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